24 Mei 2018

KRI Raden Eddy Martadinata-331 Dan USNS Rappahannock-204 Gelar Latma

24 Mei 2018

USNS Rappahannock (T-AO-204) (photo : Henry J. Kaiser)

Komandan Satuan Kapal Eskorta (Dansatkor) Komando Armada II, Kolonel Laut (P) Dato Rusman, SN, S.E., meninjau persiapan latihan Rimpac yang diikuti salah satu unsur TNI Angkatan Laut yaitu KRI Raden Eddy Martadinata (REM)-331 yang melaksanakan latihan bersama dengan kapal perang U.S. Navy yaitu USNS Rappahannock-204, bertempat di Laut Natuna, Kepulauan Bintan. Minggu, (20/05/2018).

Mengambil tema, “TNI Angkatan Laut melaksanakan Latihan Bersama Multilateral Rimpac 2018 dalam rangka meningkatkan profesionalisme, kemampuan tempur dan kerja sama militer dengan negara-negara sahabat”, KRI REM- 331 yang dikomandani oleh Kolonel Laut (P) Sandharianto selama Linla sejak Jum’at, (18/05) melaksanakan serial latihan sampai di laut Natuna. Adapun latihan tersebut adalah latihan penembakan meriam 76 mm sebanyak 15 Amo dan gladi latihan Replenishment at Sea (RAS).

KRI RE Martadinata 331 menerima pengisian bahan bakar dari USNS Rappahannock-204 (photo : c7pf)

Tepat di perairan Laut Natuna, KRI REM-331 dari jajaran Satkor Koarmada II dan USNS Rappahannock-204 dari kapal AS dengan type fleet replenisment oiler ini melaksanakan latihan RAS, dalam latihan itu KRI REM-331 melaksanakan pengisian bahan bakar sebanyak 35 ton dengan posisi di lambung kiri dengan menggunakan system nato1 yang berukuran 178 mm dengan jarak 180 sampai 240 feet.

KRI RE Martadinata 331 (photo : c7pf)

Pelaksanaan latihan berjalan dengan  Lancar yang didahului dengan Approach KRI REM- 331 selaku kapal penerima, setelah kapal sejajar dengan halu dilanjutkan dengan rangkain peran RAS atau pembekalan di laut yang didahulukan dengan cepat kapal14 knot.


RTAF Roll Out F-5E/F Super Tigris During 40th Anniversary of its F-5E/F Fighter Aircraft

24 Mei 2018

F-5F “Super Tigris” Prototype Roll Out Ceremony (all photos : Sompong Nondhasa, RTAF)

Air Force celebrates 40th anniversary of its F-5E/F fighter aircraft

UBON RATCHATHANI (TNA) -- The Royal Thai Air Force conducted a ceremony to mark the 40th anniversary of the service of its F-5E/F fighter aircraft and accepted one of the jets after its upgrade.

Air force commander-in-chief ACM Johm Rungswang presided over the ceremony at Wing 21. The ceremony included a Buddhist rite and the air force chief hanging garlands on the aircraft and handing souvenirs to officers working with the aircraft.

The F-5E/F aircraft had built good reputations for the air force and the country because they had been successfully deployed for many important warfare missions and the success resulted from unity among commanders, pilots and relevant officials, ADM Johm said.

One of the 14 F-5E/F aircraft of the air force was upgraded and delivered by Elbis System. The service duration of the upgraded aircraft is extended for 15 years.

The upgrade project enables F-5E/F aircraft to use long-range weapons, efficient radar and an integrated warfare information system. Originally F-5E/F aircraft are incompatible with beyond-visual-range missiles and unable to cope with modern threats. (OANA)

F-5E/F Super Tigris

"Enhancement in Battle"
Currently, the Air Force's F-5E / F fighter aircraft is a limited-edition, third-generation fighter. Can not use weapons far beyond sight. With outdated technology, you can not face the current threat.

Improving the capacity of The use of the higher performance. It is an option. To maintain effective and continuous defense capabilities.

Improve capacity It can be used in modern weapons systems with high accuracy, range, and effective radar detection. The Tactical Data Link was designed to be used in conjunction with other high-performance aircraft and air defense systems. Woven effectively. It must take into account the transmission. And maintenance for the life of the aircraft has been updated or at least 15 years after the completion of the renovation.

Update details
- Computer Mission (MC) can be efficiently processed. And install advanced software.
- Color Moving Map displays on the Horizontal Situation Display screen as well as two screens in the Multi Function Color Display (MFCD).
- Install the radio transmitter. Provide electronic disturbance protection (ECCM) HAVE QUICK II.
- Improve Head Up Display (HUD) and install Up Front Control Panel (UFCP).
- Install Digital Video and Data Recorder (DVDR). Can record audio and video. There is also a Debriefing System.
- Improve the electrical system and environment control system (ECS) of the system as well as other systems related to capacity improvement.

Weapon system
- Can use air-to-air weapons. Modern Within Visual Range (WAV) is currently in use and is equipped with air-to-air weaponry software. Beyond Visual Range for future use.
- Install the device to support. Navigation / Targeting Pod, which is currently in use.
- Can use weapons system. The current use And will be in the future.
- Self-defense system with advanced Electronics Warfare system including Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) and Countermeasure Dispenser System

- Install a modern radar system. It has remote sensing capabilities. It can detect targets of at least 40 nautical miles, as well as support the use of modern weapon systems and the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) capability.

F-5E / F: Generation
Currently, most of the world's fighter aircraft are in the 4 to 5 years, but the F-5E/F of the Weavers is in the 3rd generation, with limited capabilities. Not ready for the threat When upgrading The weapon system is equivalent. Fifth fighter with remote radar system. Over-sighted weapons and data link systems.

Technology transfer
To be the basis for development. In the field of human resources development, the current technology and the future. Technology Transfer of Aircraft Training to be able to care. And maintenance of aircraft on the basis of self-reliance. We need to be able to further develop the technology of aircraft, weapons systems, telecommunications systems. Or other systems. associated This will allow them to be self-reliant and develop themselves. (RTAF)

PH to Get 2 Cobra Attack Helicopters from Jordan: Duterte

24 Mei 2018

Jordanian AH-1F Cobra helicopter (photo : AAF)

MANILA -- The Philippines is set to receive two Cobra attack helicopters from the Kingdom of Jordan, President Rodrigo R. Duterte bared Tuesday.

“Jordan is giving us two Cobra helicopters. Those things that we cannot really afford,” Duterte said in his speech during the 120th anniversary of the Philippine Navy.

Duterte did not give further details about the two helicopters and admitted that he did not know if he was supposed to make a public announcement about it.

“I don’t know if I’m supposed to make it public and I really do not have a way of knowing whether it would make Esperon happy or not,” he added, referring to National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon Jr.

Esperon has yet to confirm Duterte’s announcement.

The President, however, said that Jordan faces the same problem like the Philippines, which is terrorism. 


23 Mei 2018

Expert Says China Needs to Build at Least Six Aircraft Carriers

23 Mei 2018

China's second aircraft carrier in sea trials (photo : CCTV)

At least six aircraft carriers need to be built by China to safeguard national security and protect interests overseas, said Chinese military expert Liang Fang, after China's second aircraft carrier completed initial sea trials on May 18.

The aircraft carrier, which is the first to be built domestically, returned to dock at Dalian Shipyard in northeast China's Liaoning Province on May 18 after the five day trial.

Liang disclosed that based on the development of the aircraft carrier, it won't be long before another is developed by China.

Liang pointed out that as China has a long coastline, the country needs to build at least six aircraft carriers along with several aircraft carrier battle groups to safeguard national security and protect interests overseas.

Although there is still a long way for China to go in terms of building a world-class army, the country will spare no effort to complete modernization of national defense and armed forces by 2035, said the expert. 

(China People's Daily)

AWD Intellectual Property has Tranferred to Australia

23 Mei 2018

Hobart class AWD (photo : Lockheed Martin)

The intellectual property for the Hobart Class family of warships has transferred to Navantia Australia, which ensures Australia now has sovereign control over our Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) capability.

Minister Pyne welcomed the transfer, which coincided with the successful launch and formal naming of the third and final AWD, Sydney.

“Sydney’s float off reflects a remarkable 60 per cent productivity improvement over the first ship,” Minister Pyne said.

“This is in no small way due to the highly skilled workers from ASC, Raytheon Australia, Navantia Australia and Defence.”

“More than 5,000 people have worked directly on the AWD Program along with 1,500 suppliers to build and integrate three of the most capable and potent warships the Royal Australian Navy has ever possessed.”

“The AWD Alliance is on track to deliver the second ship Brisbane to the Commonwealth in coming months, followed by the delivery of Sydney next year.”

(Aus DoD)

Marinir Gelar Pelatihan dan Uji Fungsi Alkom Radio THALES

23 Mei 2018

Alkom Thales Korps Marinir TNI AL (photo : Thales)

Dispen Kormar (Jakarta), Kepala Dinas Komunikasi dan Elektronika Korps Marinir Letkol Mar Hadi Santoso S.E., menggelar Pelatihan dan Uji Fungsi alat komunikasi (Alkom) Radio THALES (HF Manpack dan Multiband Handheld), yang dilaksanakan di Markas Komando Korps Marinir (Mako Kormar) Gedung Agus Subekti Lt - 3, Jalan Prajurit KKO Usman dan Harun No. 40 Kwitang Jakarta Pusat , Selasa (22/05/18).

Pada pelatihan ini, para peserta menerima Materi Pelatihan yaitu Radio Thales jenis Hand held Transceiver TRC 9110, dan HF Transceiver TRC 3700, yang disampaikan langsung oleh instruktur dari PT. Multi Wira Mandiri yang dipimpin oleh Mr Alain dari Prancis, selama 5 hari kedepan dari tanggal 21/25 Mei 2018.

Pasalnya Alkom jenis TRC 9110 mempunyai Spesifikasi Teknis rentang Frekuensi 30 hingga 87,975 mhz, Generasi Frekuensi oleh Synthe Sizer dalam langkah 25 kHz, jumlah Frekuensi 2320, jumlah Chanel Preset yang dapat dipilih 7, serta Stabilitas Frekuensi 2 ppm.

Adapun karakteristik utama dari TRC 3700, rentang Frekuensi 1,5 hingga 30 mhz, Mudolations USB - LSB- AM, HF Qutput daya 1w-5w-20w, Tegangan Listrik 13 hingga 17 V, Dimensi 84 × 260 × 204mm, Berat 4 kg, Rentang Suhu Operasi -40c hingga +70 c, Kekeruhan 1m air, Konektor A Kontrol Remot Audio- Filgun - Modem Eksternal. konektor B audio - gps Eksternal - Relay - Copy - Dtasiun. Konektor C Audio - Terminal Data.

Kegiatan ini diikuti oleh 11 personel yang melibatkan 4 personel dari Diskomlek Kormar, 3 personel Yon Komlek Pasmar - 1, dan 3 personel Yon Komlek dari Pasmar - 2, yang diketuai oleh Mayor Mar Seger Birama sebagai ketua Tim Pawas Uji Fungsi.


Vietnam has Officially Received Two NC-212i Aircraft

23 Mei 2018

The NC-212i with the number 8992 landed at Gia Lam airport (photo : BaoDatViet)

The image has been recorded at the Gia Lam airport showed two aircraft NC-212i bearing number 8991 and 8992 arrived in Vietnam.

As information for many times before, the Air Force of Vietnam has signed a contract to order three more transport aircraft - NC-212i sea patrol, they were assembled at Bandung Plant - Indonesia after the line of Airbus in Spain closed.

In November, 2017, an image of the Indonesian NC-212i sea-view transport aircraft was assembled on the order of Vietnam to carry out the first test flight. .

As of January 9, 2018, in an Indonesian TV news report, the NC-212i was painted new, showing that it was 100% complete and could be handed over in the near future.

And this morning on May 22, photographs of the moment the pair of NC-212i aircraft landed at Gia Lam Airport, the base of the 918th Air Force Brigade.

This new NC-212i was painted in the air, very much like the C-295M on the 18th Army Group with the Vietnamese Air Force on the side, not the white-blue of the Coast Guard as before.

The NC-212i with the number 8991 landed at Gia Lam airport (photo : BaoDatViet)

More specifically, the aircraft is still fully integrated with military reconnaissance, marine reconnaissance. It can be predicted that its mission will be to transport, to bridge the airspace connecting the mainland to the remote island.

Thus, the current C-212 / NC-212i squadron of Vietnam has now increased to four, and in the near future we will receive the remaining NC-212i after completing the tests. Feature price in Indonesia.

In addition to the NC-212i, the Vietnamese Air Force has ordered three C-295 light aircraft (most likely the latest C-295W) assembled in Europe.

The addition of modern air transport and maritime surveillance will contribute positively to the strength of the Air Force and Vietnam Coast Guard in particular, as well as the battle to protect the sovereignty of the sea island of the Fatherland. in general.